Marketing in Denver

May 30, 2013

As owners, Tom and I are very active in professional trade organizations on the local, regional, and national level. Tom is the past president of the World Sign Associates, and I am on the communications committee. We believe it’s important to always be learning about our industry and to network with other sign company owners.

The World Sign Associates (WSA) conducts an educational seminar each June in Denver. This year the topic marketing, and I got coerced into putting on a workshop regarding untraditional marketing, which also translates into low-cost marketing. Armed with my PowerPoint, handouts, worksheets, and outline, I will be helping other sign companies think critically about their marketing efforts and how to do more with less. The bottom line is, however, do something. Of course this is not just true of sign companies–it is true (or should be true) of all businesses. The adage is ‘in good times you should market and in slow times you must market.’ By the end of the workshop, I hope to have everyone commit to at least one NEW marketing endeavor for his or her business.

As you probably know, it’s easy to go to a seminar and get all excited about the content, but then you get home and back in the proverbial groove and what you learned and hoped to implement is forgotten. Well, that’s my goal – make it so easy and have a commitment from everyone to do the one new thing.

It will be fun, of course. After my presentation there will be round table discussions with worksheets for their fantasy sign company and then the commitment from each sign owner for the new endeavor.

How about you? Have you tried doing something new to market your business? If not, I would love to help and share my ideas for untraditional marketing ideas. Please feel free to email me: carol

Off to Denver!