Monthly Archives: September 2012

Why Safe Trucks are Important

At any given moment, Security Signs has 9 trucks on the road around the Pacific Northwest. We take pride in having the newest and safest trucks in the business. It is important to keep our installers safe. They drive many miles and usually work in the buckets high in the air–as high as 80 feet. […]

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Professional Organizations. So worth it

We often get caught up in the day to day of our businesses, but given the opportunity to join and participate in national professional organizations, I believe the benefits are worth any time and expense. security Signs is active in the International Sign Association and the World Sign Associates. We also belong to the U […]

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A Funny Sign

It’s interesting to me that people love to look at and post photos of funny signs. It show that people really do pay attention to signs. When a sign is dirty, unlit, or overall ugly, then people may also,have a reaction that is not necessarily funny but one that deters them from doing business at […]

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