Monthly Archives: October 2012

Helping Out our Local Community

I was thinking about how a business fits in the community and noted that businesses can’t really operate in a vacuum. They are part of something larger and need to help out those non-profits that struggle, especially in difficult times. Sign companies are in a good position to offer banners, A-boards, vinyl graphics, or discounts […]

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The Slippery Slope to Glitter Gulch

I spend a lot of my day immersed in sign code. Not just for city of Portland, my home city, but over 170 different jurisdictions in the area. Anywhere we’ve put up a sign. It’s gotten to the point where I can rattle off whole specifics of code from the top 10 or so cities […]

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Creating Awareness with Signs

Signs often get a bad ‘rap.’ However, an electronic message center can send really good messages in addition to promoting specials, sales, and promotions. The photo is an example of creating awareness of Breast Cancer Awareness Month during October.  

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