Is The Hollywood Theater Marquee at the Portland Airport the new PDX Carpet?

Apr 20, 2017


Last March was a busy one for the Security Signs team with the opening of the Hollywood Theater at Portland International Airport. The first of its kind, the PDX micro-cinema aims to provide “award-winning film programming” and “innovative educational programs”. In addition, they plan to offer “fiscal support to local filmmakers”. Travelers can stop in, for free, and check out what the local Portland film scene has to offer. As an added bonus, travelers can snap a selfie in front of the stunning marquee which was manufactured right here in our shop!

The Hollywood Airport theater marquee is a miniature replica of the one Security Signs manufactured in 2013 for the Hollywood theater on Sandy Boulevard. When it first opened in the summer of 1926, the theater became so popular with local residents that the entire neighborhood took on the Hollywood name! Constructed during the golden age of cinema, the extravagant exterior of the theater was modeled after the Roman Baths of Caracalla. Just as opulent and eye catching, the original sign included hundreds of bulbs and yards and yards of flashy neon. However, by the 1980’s (despite making it on to the National Register of Historic Places) the landmark theater was falling apart. In addition, it had a 1970s-era sign that not only failed to do justice to the buildings stunning architecture, but was in complete disrepair as well.

It took a few more years, but the Hollywood Theater was finally, beautifully restored. We here at Security Signs are very proud to have been part of that successful restoration effort. In 2013, the Security Signs team worked hard to produce a replica of the memorable 1926 era sign. With over 192sq. feet of led lighting and an additional estimate of 600 led bulbs, its hard to miss when you’re driving down Sandy blvd. The sign was a huge undertaking, but helped contribute to the restoration efforts of the entire neighborhood. Since its installation it’s become a Portland landmark!

Likewise, the airport marquee is sure to become another Portland mainstay. With all the eye-catching glitz of its parent sign on Sandy, you can’t pass up the opportunity to stop by and admire it. We think it will even divert travelers attention away from the popular PDX carpet! It offers a popular, shareable, meme-able moment already under #HollywoodtheaterPDX! 

The micro-cinema at the Port of Portland is free and the first of its kind. The owners of the Hollywood theater partnered with the not-for-profit organization Film Action Oregon to create this unique cinematic experience. Check out this short video featuring our marquee, install crew, and account manager, Kevin Hallwyler. Then be sure to check out another short film in concourse C next time you’re traveling at PDX!