In-house sign manufacturing

Security Signs is proud our signs are manufactured in-house.  From the design process to manufacturing to installation, all work is done by our skilled employees. 

Production by the best

Security Signs has the best craftsmen in the industry. Under the direction of the Production Manager, our team takes pride in producing the best signs possible, using state-of-the art equipment and pride of workmanship that produces unparalleled quality with a focus on safety.

This type of careful oversight gives us many advantages over other sign companies and is the reason, we believe, that our products are superior in quality. 

What it means for our customers

Local in-house manufacturing allows us to monitor quality control, keep costs down and provide better service while delivering a top-quality sign to our clients.

Quality assurance

Inspection check points during production ensure quality and guarantee the signs are built to design specification.

Skilled craftsmen

All work is done by Security Signs employees.  Why is this important?   Because our staff is long-term, professional employees who take pride in their work and give each job its due attention.

On-site inspections

Throughout the entire production process, customers are welcome to come into the shop and view the progress as our staff work on their sign.


Safety is the cornerstone of the success of Security Signs. Under the leadership of the Safety and Training Manager and the Safety Committee, safety practices are routinely touted along with up-to-date safety training in all areas. All safety practices meet or exceed the requirements and the company has an extremely high safety rating.

The following departments comprise the production area of the company:


The Fabrication Technicians have combined experience of over 100 years. They use quality materials and fabricate sturdy structures. No sign is too large or too complicated for their extrusion, fabrication, and welding talents.


The Vinyl Department has two digital printers and takes care to color match sign faces and uses expertise to ensure the vinyl is applied without creases.


The Paint Technician and his crew take extra care in the sign preparation and then applying a professional finish using two paint systems that match any color. The unique paint finishes are often museum worthy.

Channel Letters:

The channel letter operator and assistants take great care in producing custom letters and trim caps. This ever-busy department allows the company to produce channel letters that are very competitively priced.


The final product is the result of great efforts of care by the assembly technicians. They provide the lighting and the final quality check. They also help get the product ready for installation.


The Layout Technician ensures the job files are produced as drawn and are ready for production in each department.


The Router Technician currently runs two Multi-Cam routers simultaneously for all the in-house work and ensures quality in the cut products.