We all must do our part

Security Signs has used green practices in our office and shop for years.  In the last year, we have committed ourselves to a new green initiative by actively searching for ways to further reduce our environmental impact. 

With the formation of our “green team,” we have identified and put into motion a plan for all employees to follow. 

From simple things, like locating recycling stations throughout the building to the more complex, like installing infrared heating in the shop, Security Signs is making the effort to lower our carbon footprint. 


Here are our best practices:


  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Computer hibernation
  • Recycle toner and ink cartridges
  • Paper:
    • Purchase and use recycled paper when appropriate
    • More than one photo per sheet
    • Recycle stations in each office
  • Kitchen:
    • Aerators on each faucet
    • Filtered water
    • Reduction of disposable dishes/flatware
    • Recycle station for deposit bottles, paper


  • Conversion to energy efficient lighting
  • Addition of insulation in shop and throughout offices
  • Installation of infrared heating
  • Use of aluminum – recycled product
  • Recycle paper backing on vinyl
  • Recycle:  plastic, wood, metal, florescent bulbs, cardboard, paint, glass, foam, paper, deposit bottles
  • Reuse foam pellets if not recycled
  • Use of LED’s in place of neon where appropriate


  • GPS in all trucks for on-the-road efficiencies – trip reduction
  • Use of 15% biodiesel fuel
  • Trucks have routine maintenance to ensure efficiency
  • Recycle materials on site
  • Recycle scrap metal

I have gotten positive feedback from staff about how much better your company has performed than our previous suppliers. The monument sign is of premium quality, and I would not hesitate to use or recommend Security Signs in the future."

- Chris Humphrie, Birtcher Development & Investment