Brent Masterson

Account Manager


Brent joins Security Signs with over 10 years of experience in commercial and building supply sales. During that time, Brent coordinated projects that often adhered to strict timelines, had multiple moving components and required a creative approach. Brent is solution driven, collaborating with clients to ensure they receive a level of service that is specifically tailored to meet or exceed their expectations.

From initial concept on a piece of scratch paper, to watching the finished product come to life during installation, Brent guides clients through the process. Brent enjoys combining his experience with graphic design and engineering to help clients find a solution for their on premise advertising needs.

Brent is truly excited by the sign industry and on premise advertising. Prior to joining the team, Brent’s first experience with Security Signs was as a customer for his sign needs. As a former general manager of two small startup companies, Brent is familiar with the complications involved in opening new locations or relocating an existing business. He understands how incredibly important it is to formulate a marketing budget that includes signage as part of the client’s advertising strategy.

What you probably didn't know

When not playing with his three kids, he loves to make music. Playing a plethora of instruments, Brent enjoys the same process of the sign industry: creating something one of a kind from nothing with each one being uniquely different.

Brent is also an avid sports fan that loves to coach basketball and watch his beloved Ducks.

Brent Masterson