Kenyon Crouch



Kenyon came to Security Signs in July of 2018. With over 30 years in the Custom Sign Industry, Kenyon is no stranger to unique signs. He started his sign career in Las Vegas NV, as a helper in manufacturing and assembly where he wired signs and prepared them for install. After a few short years, he found his niche in Electrical Install where he spent most of his time.

Having installed signs across North and South America, you could say he has seen it all when it comes to custom signs. With a background in Lean Manufacturing and an attention to detail, Kenyon is always looking for ways to provide quality signs at the greatest value for our customers.

What you probably didn’t know

When not at work, Kenyon is most likely on some sort of outdoor adventure. Either working in his garden, tending to his bees, hiking a trail, camping, canyoneering in a remote area or jumping out planes, if its extreme and involves the outdoors, he’s into it. He also likes to cook, especially for a crowd.

Kenyon Crouch