Lexie Preston

Accounting Specialist


After graduating from University of Portland, Lexie officially moved to Portland in 2012. A little less than a year later she began working for Security Signs and has never looked back!

If you were to ask her what her favorite thing about working at Security Signs is, she would laugh that you asked her to choose just one and add: “The Security Signs team is an awesome bunch, the work environment top notch, and the signs are, simply put: amazing!” Lexie loves being able to see projects that both she and her colleagues have worked on when she goes out and about in this thriving city. Maybe the next one could be yours?

What you probably didn't know

When Lexie isn’t spending time at work, you will probably find her nose deep in a book, curled up with a mug of tea, off dreaming about some dragon or another. Or perhaps perusing her passion to become a modern-day Jack of all Trades, with interests in baking, writing, sewing, roller skating etc. In fact, she has even taken up practicing magic (wink, wink). Watch! She will even try some now: “Alacazooie! ‘fabricor thy signum hither’ CAZAM!”

Impressive, huh?

Lexie Preston