Thanh Duong

Project Manager


With a BS in Microbiology from Portland State University and a background in Quality Assurance, Thanh is armed with an amazing eye for details. Evaluating products for quality and studying organisms under a microscope has more than prepared her to focus on the finer points as well as the big picture; a necessary skill in succeeding in the world of Project Management!

Thanh thrives in the fast-paced, yet pleasant, work atmosphere that Security Signs provides. While she loves the work itself, she maintains that her colleagues are the major reason she likes working here. “Everyone is so driven and hardworking”, she says, “which motivates me to perform at a level that matches theirs. We work really hard, but the work environment is somehow still relaxed, fun and humorous!”

What you probably didn't know

While Thanh is quite passionate about science, she is also quite creative! Some of her many hobbies include drawing and painting, photography and cooking. She also loves to travel and explore her surroundings locally and abroad! Thanh moved to the Portland area from Vietnam with her family when she was 7-years-old. She has been back several times to visit family there.

Thanh Duong